Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tavi Gevinson: Style Icon

This was going to be a Halloween post, but I realized I just can't bring myself to be a blogger for Halloween. So instead: style icon!

Tavi Gevinson is 14 years old and just started high school. She just got a New Yorker profile all her own, and her blog is crazy good and thoughtful.

photo via Tavi herself, sans editing

Here she is pictured with another style icon, Elizabeth Spiridakis (turquoise arrow), aka WHITE LIGHTNING. WL is a great blog that I check often--she has the best eye for accessories and hates pants! But Tavi: look at that hair! And the tights/clogs combo is killing me. So visionary and confident, yet she doesn't seem bratty at all?

Is she an old lady or a tween??!
photo via

This color combo reminds me of a pair of Umbros I once had...
photo via

At first this looks like a tot playing dress-up, but Tavi totally knows what she's doing. Look at this genius plaid mix-em-up! Hair pom-poms! Those boots!
photo via basically a spam site, so no attribution. if you find the original photographer let me know and I'll credit her/him.

Holy cow--if I ever have kids I hope they're this cool. Also, I want to dye my hair pink now. Not too late to be a precocious 26-year-old?


Paddles said...

giving a 14 yr. old a New Yorker Profile is utter bullshite. Am I supposed to take these grown women babies seriously? plus - am I crazy, or is dying your hair gray at 14 kinda dickish?


Susan said...

i'm still not sold on her. some of her stuff is too crazy even for crazy. also, what do you think of alexa chung?

Winnie said...

somebody in the New Yorker article did mention that if she was 23, nobody would give a crap at all...but she's not 23, so that's not an issue.

Also, a New Yorker profile isn't a Nobel Prize you have to earn, exactly, just recognition of being a thing in our culture right now. Which she is.

PLUS i like her zany accessorizing style.

Alexa Chung isn't super on my radar but i hear she's so hot right now? write a GF post about her!

Grey said...

Sad that she has developed hipster irony so young. When I was 14 all I thought about was cotton candy.

Winnie said...

i don't think this is a "hipster irony" issue. the most charming thing is that she's 100% sincere! she just loves clothes, + what 14-year-old girl do you know that wouldn't love all of this attention??!?

clamz said...

tavi seems cool and obviously has an eye. but fashion is only superficial so it kind of creeps me out that she is already in that adult world.

yeah, i follow her blog.