Monday, November 29, 2010

Hat: Wack Attack?

So sometime last spring, I went on a winter clothes sale-shopping blitz at UO and ended up with some stuff that I can only just recently wear out of the house. I don't do super well with hats (okay, I hate hats), and this one hat in particular has been confusing me. Until I is meant to be worn like this:

Only I have a lot more hair than this dude. I would hope the hat looks like this on me:

[photo via]
But my hair isn't quite that long. It is actually sort of an awkward length/texture right now!
At least I can be sure of not looking like this sickly bro:

or this fella!

But I do have a real advice issue here: how does a medium-length, wavy-haired person wear these hats? It looks too much like Erykah Badu when I put my hair back before slouching on the hat, but when my hair is down it's just fuzzin'. What do ya do!?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Etsy and Vintage Clothes

Since moving to a new town, I've been lavishing in thrift store heaven. The stores are so good that I can't even bare to walk into a store that sells new clothes, except if it is Old Navy and the sweater is three dollars, or if I'm shopping for underwear/a bathing suit/socks.

The thrift stores can meet my every clothing and home decor need. And by thrift stores I typically mean Goodwill, because they are da bomb. The further you go out into the country, the more clean, organized they are, and most importantly the better the clothes and the smells are too.

Which brings me to Etsy. Etsy is great for buying "vintage clothes", but it can be difficult to find something because there is just SO much. Its always convenient to have a general idea of something you might want. But lets face it, most of us don't most of the time. If you don't know what your looking for, then its best to find a store that you really like, and then bookmark that store, adding it to your "favorites". If you are searching for something specific, these "trendy" tags might help, even though they are stupid and embarrassing to even type. Just make sure no one is around.

(I know its horrible, but you get the idea)

Also, don't forget what article you are looking for:


and if you want a print or are looking for a color?


I wouldn't bother searching for a size, because nobody puts them in tags for some dumb reason. If measurements are there, (as they really need to be), the best thing to do is compare the measurements to a similar article that you have that fits you well.
Another helpful tool is to search for seasons: "winter", "summer", "fall", etc. You can also limit by price (on the left) to find sweet dealz!

Here are some favorite Etsy stores and a sampling of their goodz.

Rainbow Jaguar (vintage from New Mexico, I have a soft spot for this area)

Penorus (fabulous and cheap jewelry and other thingz!)

Vintage Clothes (its just brilliant)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Trend? Grandparent Sweaters

I guess grandma/grandpa styles have always been a trend among the thrift-store-inclined. But I'm seeing grandma sweaters and sweater-cardigans a lot lately among the young and stylish. Here are some nice ones I've found!

A personal style icon of mine.

source: this etsy shop appropriately titled. reminds me of this fab label.

source: Topshop

Lets face it, sweaters are great. I love nothing more than a loosely knit, cotton, giant oversized sweater! Why? Because they keep you warm when you are too cheap and poor to turn on your heat and they are stylish! And if someone knit that thing for you? How special is that? And have you considered the short-sleeved sweater? Seems not practical, but you can wear a thin, long sleeve shirt underneath! Itz always been about layers peeps!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Tights with shorts?
Sequined tights
Hairy tights?
Yes Please.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tiny Hats!

I'm late on this stuff, but apparently a while back, SNL had a skit about tiny hats that seemed like it may have ripped off the Tim & Eric Tiny Hats sketches. Whatever the case, here are some tiny hats you can buy for $28.


[information and photo via]