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Celebrity Home Shopping Lines

I used to consider myself somewhat of a home shopping expert. When I had the channels, I would tune in to HSN and QVC regularly. My favorites include Bath & Body by Perlier - the family behind this line are real nutcakes and I can't turn it off. Serious Skincare is also worthwhile - Sylvester Stallone's wife schills for this line and sometimes she'll drop in lines about Sly's favorite products.

One thing that is more widespread is the celebrity clothing line being sold on HSN and QVC. QVC (it stands for Quality, Value, & Convenience) is based in Pennsylvania and tries to be more highbrow - let's compare it to Target. HSN (Home Shopping Network) is based in Florida (enough said) and is the Wal-Mart equivalent and has crazier hosts (Chris Scanlon anyone???).

Let's take a look at what some of the celebrities are offering us these days!

These sheer matte pants blow me away.

Serena Williams. "Serving up Grand Slam glam". YAWN.

Miss Tina by Tina Knowles. Beyonce's mom got her own HSN line and calls it "haute and spicy". CLEVER. I can't stand Miss Tina or her designs. Her presentations are horrible. I don't think she's even awake through them. It amounts to her just saying "Order this because I want your money." Her online store only has 6 items in it right now. Big fail.

Her skirt/leggings combo was the spotlight item of her line.

This top doesn't look so great in purple, but check out the blue! You could find this in any thrift store USA. I think it's awesome. In her presentation, Twiggy was explaining how she has a thing for hummingbirds so they will continue to show up in her designs.

She's so with it! These distressed jeans are so now.

ISAAC MIZRAHI LIVE! His presentations might be my favorite. The hosts always look like deer in headlights with him. Plus QVC builds custom studios for his showings. His logo is really what makes this line look cheap. Wake up Isaac! This isn't Target's Xhilaration brand!

Who doesn't need a $134.00 bolero cropped faux fur bolero jacket??

Isaac's store is practically overflowing online (compared to Miss Tina), but his "genius" isn't limited to clothes. You can also buy this madras print cheesecake he designed from Junior's.

This scarf has a print of Isaac's dog, Harry, on it. It's really sad that I knew that this was Harry and who Harry was without even reading the description.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Dialogue. These fashions look perfect for the Raleigh mom in all of us. Wish I could see her try to talk up these fashions for 10 minutes!

Bob Mackie. He used to (maybe still does) design Cher's outfits for concerts and award ceremonies. I see his stuff really appealing to the 50+ QVC viewer who just retired from working the same career for 45 years.

He kind of goes for a 1970's Jewess aesthetic.

This Georgette top is perfect for lounging with a cigarette and ordering more things from QVC.

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The Daily Tar Heel has an Opinions feature called the Kvetching Board, which I read a lot. I also get mad and sad a lot when I read it, and this morning I'm real irritable. There seems to be a lot of hate for "hipsters" on the Kvetching Board, and besides being irrelevant, these kinds of jokes are super unfunny. The authors seem to not even be trying! I mean, anyone could easily copy out jokes from Burger King commercials!

Kvetch 1: To the girls at Weaver Street Market: Is that a co-op number under your arms? Oh no, that’s just armpit hair. A lot of it.
Ohh, hilarious! Hippies at Weaver Street! A person might realistically wear (?) or carry (?) a co-op number under their arms in a way that looks like armpit hair! Haha, ewww!

Kvetch 2: Dear male hipsters: Please stop wearing cut-off jorts. It’s disturbing.
Well guess what, complainer! Regular jorts are even worse! Cut-offs look good, plus you don't have to buy cargo shorts at JC Penney, as you seem to enjoy! Here's another newsflash: calling them jorts isn't that funny!

Readers, weigh in: jorts or shorts? Underarm hair? Hippie girls and hipster guys??

fashion victim or fashion slave?


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Tavi Gevinson: Style Icon

This was going to be a Halloween post, but I realized I just can't bring myself to be a blogger for Halloween. So instead: style icon!

Tavi Gevinson is 14 years old and just started high school. She just got a New Yorker profile all her own, and her blog is crazy good and thoughtful.

photo via Tavi herself, sans editing

Here she is pictured with another style icon, Elizabeth Spiridakis (turquoise arrow), aka WHITE LIGHTNING. WL is a great blog that I check often--she has the best eye for accessories and hates pants! But Tavi: look at that hair! And the tights/clogs combo is killing me. So visionary and confident, yet she doesn't seem bratty at all?

Is she an old lady or a tween??!
photo via

This color combo reminds me of a pair of Umbros I once had...
photo via

At first this looks like a tot playing dress-up, but Tavi totally knows what she's doing. Look at this genius plaid mix-em-up! Hair pom-poms! Those boots!
photo via basically a spam site, so no attribution. if you find the original photographer let me know and I'll credit her/him.

Holy cow--if I ever have kids I hope they're this cool. Also, I want to dye my hair pink now. Not too late to be a precocious 26-year-old?

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Fashion In America

There have been a lot of HOTT trendz in the USA lately that I just don't get at all y'all.

But at least the war in Iraq is Over!

Here's some hottt gear you can rock in the best country on earth!

Hilighter green "No Mosque" shirt....

and for the dissenting youngster:

Silly Bandz! (also look out for krazy bandz, shaped rubber bands, wacky rubber bands, etc etc).

These things are bigger than W.W.J.D. and Livestrong bracelets COMBINED!

Truck NUTZ!

I don't need to tell you how "BIG" this trend is. (pun intended)
Never have your manhood questioned again! You'll be the star of your high school, and/or hunting/fishing outing! Better than "Back Off" mudflaps