Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fashion In America

There have been a lot of HOTT trendz in the USA lately that I just don't get at all y'all.

But at least the war in Iraq is Over!

Here's some hottt gear you can rock in the best country on earth!

Hilighter green "No Mosque" shirt....

and for the dissenting youngster:

Silly Bandz! (also look out for krazy bandz, shaped rubber bands, wacky rubber bands, etc etc).

These things are bigger than W.W.J.D. and Livestrong bracelets COMBINED!

Truck NUTZ!

I don't need to tell you how "BIG" this trend is. (pun intended)
Never have your manhood questioned again! You'll be the star of your high school, and/or hunting/fishing outing! Better than "Back Off" mudflaps


Meg said...

I once heard a kid in the store bragging to his other little friend, "I have 392 silly bandz!"

clamz said...


Winnie said...

another great post. color me inspired!!

Grey said...

This web site has never been stronger! Joe, you have single-handedly brought great honor to this blog and have made fashion more important than ever.

Paddles said...