Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrity Home Shopping Lines

I used to consider myself somewhat of a home shopping expert. When I had the channels, I would tune in to HSN and QVC regularly. My favorites include Bath & Body by Perlier - the family behind this line are real nutcakes and I can't turn it off. Serious Skincare is also worthwhile - Sylvester Stallone's wife schills for this line and sometimes she'll drop in lines about Sly's favorite products.

One thing that is more widespread is the celebrity clothing line being sold on HSN and QVC. QVC (it stands for Quality, Value, & Convenience) is based in Pennsylvania and tries to be more highbrow - let's compare it to Target. HSN (Home Shopping Network) is based in Florida (enough said) and is the Wal-Mart equivalent and has crazier hosts (Chris Scanlon anyone???).

Let's take a look at what some of the celebrities are offering us these days!

These sheer matte pants blow me away.

Serena Williams. "Serving up Grand Slam glam". YAWN.

Miss Tina by Tina Knowles. Beyonce's mom got her own HSN line and calls it "haute and spicy". CLEVER. I can't stand Miss Tina or her designs. Her presentations are horrible. I don't think she's even awake through them. It amounts to her just saying "Order this because I want your money." Her online store only has 6 items in it right now. Big fail.

Her skirt/leggings combo was the spotlight item of her line.

This top doesn't look so great in purple, but check out the blue! You could find this in any thrift store USA. I think it's awesome. In her presentation, Twiggy was explaining how she has a thing for hummingbirds so they will continue to show up in her designs.

She's so with it! These distressed jeans are so now.

ISAAC MIZRAHI LIVE! His presentations might be my favorite. The hosts always look like deer in headlights with him. Plus QVC builds custom studios for his showings. His logo is really what makes this line look cheap. Wake up Isaac! This isn't Target's Xhilaration brand!

Who doesn't need a $134.00 bolero cropped faux fur bolero jacket??

Isaac's store is practically overflowing online (compared to Miss Tina), but his "genius" isn't limited to clothes. You can also buy this madras print cheesecake he designed from Junior's.

This scarf has a print of Isaac's dog, Harry, on it. It's really sad that I knew that this was Harry and who Harry was without even reading the description.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Dialogue. These fashions look perfect for the Raleigh mom in all of us. Wish I could see her try to talk up these fashions for 10 minutes!

Bob Mackie. He used to (maybe still does) design Cher's outfits for concerts and award ceremonies. I see his stuff really appealing to the 50+ QVC viewer who just retired from working the same career for 45 years.

He kind of goes for a 1970's Jewess aesthetic.

This Georgette top is perfect for lounging with a cigarette and ordering more things from QVC.


Rach said...

I just read Sellevision and fully agree with your commentary re: HSN and QVC.
My grandmother used to order all things from both places. Isn't it a dying art, what with all the online shopping?

Susan said...

Sellevision is on my to read list! I think I will love it. I think there are enough older people still ordering from tv because they are scared/dont have a laptop. What was funny in compiling this post was the markdowns on the websites. It's crazy! If these consumers really want an Isaac purse, they should just order it online from QVC.

Susan said...

Another thing about these home shopping networks - I didn't even touch on the really low-brow ones like ShopNBC, etc. There are so many really cheap looking ones out there now. They make HSN look professional. When I was in college Suzanne Summers used to sell clothes on HSN, and it was hilarious and kind of sad to watch because she was obviously wasted. I caught her on ShopNBC a few months ago. That move is fascinating to me - why would she go to an even smaller market? Home shopping networks are endless entertainment for me. I love their sales pitch and how seriously they take their jobs.

Winnie said...

whoa. maybe it's just 3 am, but I am really into that hummingbird top...even in pink????!?!? am i crazy or is that top just ideal for a nutty woman wearing a jean skirt?!?!

Rach said...

I noticed a user comment that said "The hummingbirds almost look real."
. . .