Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Daily Tar Heel has an Opinions feature called the Kvetching Board, which I read a lot. I also get mad and sad a lot when I read it, and this morning I'm real irritable. There seems to be a lot of hate for "hipsters" on the Kvetching Board, and besides being irrelevant, these kinds of jokes are super unfunny. The authors seem to not even be trying! I mean, anyone could easily copy out jokes from Burger King commercials!

Kvetch 1: To the girls at Weaver Street Market: Is that a co-op number under your arms? Oh no, that’s just armpit hair. A lot of it.
Ohh, hilarious! Hippies at Weaver Street! A person might realistically wear (?) or carry (?) a co-op number under their arms in a way that looks like armpit hair! Haha, ewww!

Kvetch 2: Dear male hipsters: Please stop wearing cut-off jorts. It’s disturbing.
Well guess what, complainer! Regular jorts are even worse! Cut-offs look good, plus you don't have to buy cargo shorts at JC Penney, as you seem to enjoy! Here's another newsflash: calling them jorts isn't that funny!

Readers, weigh in: jorts or shorts? Underarm hair? Hippie girls and hipster guys??


clamz said...

how obnoxious. just because somebody cuts off a pair of jeans doesn't make them a hipster. take for example, my dad. and you can't stereotype single choices like letting your HAIR GROW. I for one, have no problem with not doing something that doesn't make that much sense anyway, like lets say, shaving your legs. its actually 'not' doing something. its just sad that she looks at it like "hey, look how 'above me' and 'pretentious' this person is, where as i see it as, okay, this person is smart enough to question norms. even though i'm sure there are some people who just do it for the shock value.

Paddles said...

Am I to believe that one could be upset about the literary content of a college rag? UNC no less? They're lucky to have spelled everything correctly, much less form coherent sentences. Also, there seems to be a lot of "hipster backlash" from the fratty outsider students...I say who cares? If you wanna spend all your time on East End at the Yogurt Pump or Sugarland be my guest!...that being said Weaver St. sux too! Carrboro sure knows how to use a small patch of grass to its full extent......

Winnie said...

The quality of regular DTH features is bad enough, but the kvetching board is in a whole other league. The text of each post might as well be "bud light commercial or Jim gaffigan joke or internet joke" bc thats basically it.
The depressing thing is that these kids and their shitty opinions are not only real, they're representative of one of the best schools in the state, AND they will go on to have responsibilities and raise children to have the same terrible sense of humor.

Winnie said...

Not to mention spreading their shitty opinions of women's beauty standards and bad taste in men's pants. I know it's not news that there are idiots everywhere, but still.

Also I get the feeling that person had just wandered down to carrboro for the first time and just had to talk about how weird and "out there" people are at weaver street. Never been to a co-op before!!

clamz said...

that dumb thing is the dumbest thing anyone at the newspaper ever came up with. its definitely for people who dont think. maybe that girl who showed up for class in a cocktail dress and heels to a night class just came from something where she was supposed to dress up! besides, who gives a frig!!!!!!