Monday, November 29, 2010

Hat: Wack Attack?

So sometime last spring, I went on a winter clothes sale-shopping blitz at UO and ended up with some stuff that I can only just recently wear out of the house. I don't do super well with hats (okay, I hate hats), and this one hat in particular has been confusing me. Until I is meant to be worn like this:

Only I have a lot more hair than this dude. I would hope the hat looks like this on me:

[photo via]
But my hair isn't quite that long. It is actually sort of an awkward length/texture right now!
At least I can be sure of not looking like this sickly bro:

or this fella!

But I do have a real advice issue here: how does a medium-length, wavy-haired person wear these hats? It looks too much like Erykah Badu when I put my hair back before slouching on the hat, but when my hair is down it's just fuzzin'. What do ya do!?


Susan said...

i think with medium length hair you either risk looking like a dude or just go hatless. you can also buy earmuffs and scarfs as a substitute.

cLAmZ said...

hey, this is called a "beanie". i have one that somebody made that I swapped with on etsy. i have yet to wear it out though.
i still prefer the traditional "tobogan" (sp?)

you should post pics of you wearing it various ways and let us vote which looks the best!!!

Jake said...

guys shouldnt wear those.

Winnie said...

mannn I think Susan is right. might have to give up! and wait til next winter when I'll have made a decision to either let my hair be long or keep it short. but by then these will be outta style (they are sorta outta style now)!

OH WELL. let's do a post about winter hats/hair, though.