Friday, November 19, 2010

Trend? Grandparent Sweaters

I guess grandma/grandpa styles have always been a trend among the thrift-store-inclined. But I'm seeing grandma sweaters and sweater-cardigans a lot lately among the young and stylish. Here are some nice ones I've found!

A personal style icon of mine.

source: this etsy shop appropriately titled. reminds me of this fab label.

source: Topshop

Lets face it, sweaters are great. I love nothing more than a loosely knit, cotton, giant oversized sweater! Why? Because they keep you warm when you are too cheap and poor to turn on your heat and they are stylish! And if someone knit that thing for you? How special is that? And have you considered the short-sleeved sweater? Seems not practical, but you can wear a thin, long sleeve shirt underneath! Itz always been about layers peeps!

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