Monday, November 1, 2010

Tiny Hats!

I'm late on this stuff, but apparently a while back, SNL had a skit about tiny hats that seemed like it may have ripped off the Tim & Eric Tiny Hats sketches. Whatever the case, here are some tiny hats you can buy for $28.


[information and photo via]


Taryn said...

How do they stay on? Bobby pins? That looks like it might be attached to a headband? Too Much Trouble.

clamz said...

urban has gone overboard (lost their heads) with this one.

Winnie said...

yeah, there's a headband. also I hate to say it, but I also blame Lady Gaga. a "trendsetter" only in the sense that she takes existing avant-garde art or comedy-sketch fashion and tricks people into thinking she looks good.

clamz said...

i continually hate what she does more and more. everything she has done, a real artist did fifty years before. (unfortunately this subject/she comes up in these discussions in class)