Saturday, June 5, 2010

Style Icon: Elaine Benes

I’m a sucker for clothes that remind me of a movie or TV show. It is only natural then that I would gravitate toward clothing that reminds me of Elaine Benes. It all started at Target when I found what is now my favorite dress. Flowing and flowery, I resisted it on that shopping trip. On another trip to Target, I happily found it on a discount rack. Get out!

I once wore it to Buffalo Exchange, which is sometimes the best, sometimes the worst clothing store. I went into the dressing room to try on a few things. As I tried on a denim shirt over the dress, I kind of freaked out. It was like the episode where Elaine realizes she has become George and says, “I’m George! I’m George!” My reaction was something like that, except I whispered, “I’m Elaine Benes! I’m Elaine Benes!” at the mirror. So I purchased the denim shirt, which I have never once worn, and a leather backpack.

Ah, the leather backpack. Hold the loafers. Hold the workout clothes. Hold the urban sombrero. Of all of Elaine’s fashion items, this might be my favorite. My roommate once said, “Every time I see the backpack, I think of Elaine.” I was flattered, and just to be sure, I responded with “Elaine Benes?” Rich leather exterior and polyester lining. Two straps to clutch to your chest or hang from your back. Endless zipper compartments for an endless number of items. The perfect accessory for running alongside a train, waving last goodbyes, and posing on a veranda. You’re the queen of the castle. You’re bizarro Elaine.


Grey said...

Thank God you were wearing your Himalayan walking shoes!

Corey said...

this post inspired me to research j peterman (i never knew it was an actual company!); anyway, interestingly enough it turns out that john o'hurley, the actor who plays peterman, is a major investor in the real company and is on the board of directors (according to wikipedia).

PETERMAN: "j peterman"
GEORGE: "j crew"
JERRY: (puzzled, gives disapproving look)

Winnie said...

1) great writing, and I hope you write every day on this blog!

2) another thing this blog needs more of is animated gifs--1 gif/day too much to ask?