Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Open Advice: Summer School Must-Haves?

I have a fashion question and I think this might be the place to ask it. This morning, I put on a boring outfit, topped only by yesterday's boring outfit, and the day before, and probably tomorrow will be as boring and dreadful. Pretty much every day, I wear some variation of this outfit, sans the large beaded necklace. Tucked-in shirt, A-line skirt, sandals, maybe a cardigan. BO-RING!

Does anybody have any better ideas for clothes to wear? Limitations: I hate wearing pants in summer, cannot pull off linen pants. Also would prefer not to wear any shorts that are pleated, button up the hips, or bag out. No cargo pants or denim if we can help it (I have one pair of jean cutoffs but prefer not to wear them at know).

Other than that, I'm open to whatevs!


Grey said...

Non-pleated duck head khaki shorts with Sebago's (no socks). Wear an interesting blouse with a light cotton cardigan and don't forget a cool necklace. Also keep a pencil behind your writing hand side ear. Glasses not recommended.

Jake said...

Well fitting dark blue chinos and a t-shirt.

Winnie said...

mm-hmm! somehow it hadn't occurred to me that chinos could be full-length and not capris. not bad.

and Grey, when I get a job at a church I will keep that outfit in mind!

Anonymous said...

the paparzzi are always following you.