Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Fruit is the new trend pattern for next year. So long bird prints & stripes. Break out your pineapple prints!


Winnie said...

I have to say...I love prints! And I love these prints. They take me to a specific scenario:

I'm the only twentysomething in Boca Raton. I am wearing pineapple prints. I am really good at shuffleboard. All the old men want to get with me. I say no. I continue to wear pineapple prints and rule at shuffleboard, golf, sardines, etc.


Grey said...

They take me to a go kart track in Destin, Florida. I don't have the fastest kart, but I win anyway because I am wearing a mega pineapple print tee with guava shorts. The girls stop and stare and I think to myself, this is a good day.