Monday, October 11, 2010


The GAP was going to change it's standard logo to a "new", "fresh", "hip" logo. For those that aren't familiar with the GAP, the standard logo is on the left and the redesign is on the right. Honestly the redesign sucks. I would almost have to re-think shopping there.

I was actually at the GAP last week and I asked the cashier about her thoughts on the new logo. She told me "I have no idea what you are talking about. We are the last to know what corporate does." There you have it folks! Reactions right from the front lines. Today they decided to keep the standard GAP logo. Crisis averted!

In other real fashion disasters - Belk has decided to keep their new logo (below). Not since the new Pepsi logo have I seen anything so hideous. And I love Belk! I'm actually a big fan, so this really hurts. I liked how over the top the old logo (above) was. FYI, all lower-case isn't "modern", "southern", "style" - it's Macy's.


clamz said...

OH MY GOSH> what are belk and gap thinking?? those new designs SUCK! yeah, i've been noticing belk is really running with this 'modern' and 'southern' thing in the sunday inserts. okay, we know you are southern, 'modern' i dont know, but why do you have to put it in our face? the gap ad just sucks SO MUCH AHHHHH. if they go to that new ad i might have to reconsider shopping there as well.

also, i love it when i start reading a post and i know immediately who is writing it because only susan would ask a gap employee what they thought of the new logo. LOVE IT!!!

clamz said...
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Paddles said...

Belk reminds me of my childhood - being dragged around University Mall. I remember seeing clothes that looked like they belonged in the Golden Girls, over-sized gaudy flower vases, too much-makeup-gurlz behind the counter and big, mind-altering prints (makes sense why Susan loves them so much). So the old logo seems to fit that much better. The new one looks like something the boring designers @ Microsoft would cough up...

Also, Gap's new log SUCKS - Rule #1 w/ logo design: LEGIBILITY

Nice back track though Gap - real classy.

Grey said...

I think the new logos are great! People just like to complain