Friday, October 15, 2010

local TRENDZ

Susan's last post inspired me: not just the fabulous prints, but about trendz in generalz. Since I've moved to a new city in the past year, I can't help but notice some local trendz! Now, a lot of these trendz are on the younger generation. And I'll skip the obvious: Silly Bandz.

VANS: you don't have to skate. Everyone and their mom sports these!

TOMS: I support these 100%. Finally someone who can make something both cute AND trendy and continues to use their intelligence to serve beyond the self. I'm talking about you, Tom! (*cough* CROCS *cough*) They are cute, and although I've seen some tacky gilttery versions, I'm so down with the tweed. Check the website: so many cute new prints and styles.

Ugly Sweats: Okay by me, but don't wear your pajamas: its called dignity. Thankfully, this phenomenon is presently less prevalent then it has been in the past.

More trendz to come!

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