Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Surprisingly Vintage Red Wing Boots Hold Their Value / Clarks You Are Over Rated and Hurt My Feet

I m not sure how everyone feels about this but I ve been buying used shoes off of ebay for about 4 years now. Weird? Maybe a little. Cheap? Usually.
But who would of thought that old Red Wing boots would be this expensive?
Would you look at these prices! Upwards of $50!
Is anyone surprised by this?
Call me frugal but anything over $50 is too much for a used pair of boots.

I ve been wearing Clark's Desert Boots for one year now and I've noticed two things about them
1- People love to stop me and comment on how comfortable they are- "Hey, I wore those in the 70's and they are really comfortable." "Oh you're wearing Desert Boots, I love them so"
2- How much they hurt my feet.

I ve come to the conclusion that these shoes are the modern day emperor's clothes. People have been convincing each other since the 40's that these shoes that hurt my arches and make my feet sweat are comfortable.

Enough is enough people. Let's all admit to ourselves that Clark's suck dick.


clamz said...

i love ebay shoes too.

Taryn said...

I sent this to my friend Max, who is very well-dressed and loves his Clarks. He replied:

"Sounds like Jake is a whiny bitch! Red Wing Boots are cool though..."

Grey said...

I agree with Mac. Horrible post!

Jake said...

you all suck dick

Grey said...

Why don't you go suck an egg

Jake said...

I ll beat you like an egg butt head

Grey said...

Get a LIFE blowhole

Paddles said...

you guys are a bunch of fags if u wear this shit

put some flip flops on or shut up


Grey said...

How about you mind your own business lizard lips

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