Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fancy Boots

I’ve noticed both Seinfeld and shoes are held in high regard on Gone Fashion’, so what better to blog about than shoes seen on Seinfeld? Sounds like a winning duo to me.  This Laundromat* scene comes from “The Seinfeld Chronicles” (Pilot episode), where Jerry and George are discussing whether one can “over dry” clothes.  The shoes in question are not worn by a main character, rather an extra whom George asks for confirmation that you can indeed over dry clothes:IMG_0003

A closer look:

I’m a big fan of these boots and wish I could get a pair myself!However, I don’t think I could get behind her all blue ensemble…

Speaking of boots, check out these beautiful Stetsons I came across in Pinedale, WY last month:

And if you’re feeling a bit more festive:

*Today I learned that Laundromat is technically a proper noun.

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