Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's Talk: Loungewear

Today is a loungin' day for me. Just back from a busy long school/work trip, a little bit ill, killing time while I finish a book and wait to go to the's crucial that I have the right loungewear for this hot Sunday.

Most of the time this consists of a t-shirt + gym shorts, but there are catalogs telling me I can do better. Like this?

Or perhaps these ladies have the style:
(just kidding. not sure what's up with those high necklines)
This is more my speed...if only I had hundreds of dollars (adjusted for inflation from 1934) to spend on my loungewear budget:
[photo via]

What do you wear on your sicky lazy days off?? I wanna know!


clamz said...

this is the wackiest post ever.
p.s. i wear boxer shorts and a the thinnest cotton t shirt i can find.

Grey said...

I like to wear H&M pajama pants and a t-shirt!