Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So it always comes back to shoes. Right now I need a new pair like I need [something I don't need], but here I am anyway, in the dead of winter and with Christmas $$ in my pocket. Help me pick out what pair to buy or not!

My Camper fetish continues. I have actually wanted a pair of these for the last 6 years (since I first saw them in France, 2005) but can't commit.

These, however, are more realistic (if only because my size is in stock). Yet...

I also like these. They're cheaper than the other two, and fill my need for a brown lace-up boot. Not super crazy about the black zipper, though. Or the buckle: when will I ever embrace non-functioning utilities on shoes and clothes?? (answer: never!)

While I'm at it, when will the boot community figure out that many of their key market are students or live in urban areas and need to walk a lot, not in heels? I'm starting to feel crazy after scrolling through hundreds of stacked heels and stiletto winter wear.

Anyway, hello old friends! I already have you in my closet. Why don't we give up on this whole shopping thing and just...psych! You give me clown feet.

Finally, here are these. They are on sale and I think they're cute, if a little bit too light.

What should I do????? One or more? Zero or fewer (would you like those Doc Martens for $30? Size 8?)? Let's talk boots!


Susan said...

not crazy about lace-ups...don't they take a lot of time to put on in the morning? i actually like buckles because they make feet look slimmer by breaking up the whole chunky look of your leg in a boot. they give some small type of definition - ie the look of an ankle vs. a cankle.

Corey said...

I really like the first pair. If the buttons snap on and off with ease then there shouldn't be an issue.

Doc Martens are for 6th graders.

Winnie said...

Man this is tough. I thought sleeping on it might make me wake up and hate all of these, but that 8nt the case.

Doc Martens are for poseur 9th graders who don't get along with their parents and shop at Journeys (which is why I have a pair).

Corey said...

Ha! I never went in journeys, but i did shop at gadzooks.

Jake said...

These are hip

cLAmZ said...

i like the ones with the buckle and the last pair pictured the best. also i occasionally still wear my black oxford-style docs that i got in 8th grade...thats the thing about them, they literally last forever!!

Winnie said...

UPDATE: I serendipitously found these Clark boots ( at Man-Mur in Raleigh last weekend and bought them. AND I LOVE THEM.