Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post Blingee

I guess it falls to everyone else to clean up the wreckage after Grey's post. What's new???

Let's take this blog back to basics. It has become difficult in these frigid temperatures to find something to wear that's functional and interesting. My priorities are mostly to not freeze but that gets boring. Here are some winter looks I'm liking:

I like navy and black together these days.

the Sartorialist

the Sartorialist


I've been watching some old Sex and the City episodes. I guess it's the winter blahs? How horrible was that show??? Pretty bad! Even with the reality-challenged parts of the clothing budgets, boyfriends, apartments, is interesting to see how and what the characters wore. By characters I mostly mean Carrie. Miranda doesn't get a better wardrobe until later seasons, Charlotte = WASP wear, and Samantha is generally just day-glo business attire.

I liked Carrie's outfit in this scene. I can't tell if the shirt is supposed to have clouds or not but it's what it reminded me of.

Season 5 Carrie wore more loose clothing because Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant in real life. I think it's when she had the most interesting clothes.


cLAmZ said...

thank you for saving us. and i really like pic #5. totally something you would wear + i really love it.

Winnie said...

I love those red booties in the first pic! Also ditto to SATC. Carrie's clothes & apartment are the best thing about the show.

Also Miranda's hair looks really good in Season 4? it's weird.

Grey said...

Looks like you killed the blog with this post blingee post! RIP GF