Monday, July 19, 2010

Style Icon: Michelle "Sugar Slam" Rapp

The release of the new GOTJ infomercial reminded me of a style icon for young women who is often overlooked: Sweet Sugar Slam, née Michelle Rapp!

How fly are those pink highlights??

Here are some other key moments in Sugar Slam history:

Ah, the first time we met. I remember being all wtf about her outfit...huge t-shirt over tiny velour skirt and sheer pantyhose?? Fashion daredevil over here, but I have to admit: it's not a bad look. Will remember this fall once I bring out my velour.

And here's Michelle again, gamely playing the part of a chef (?) in the Psychopathic Records "test kitchen." My favorite elements of this pic are the Hatchet Family apron, off-white oven mitt against plain-white apron combo, and Sugar Slam's signature high ponytails.

What are some of your favorite pieces in the Sugar Slam style resumé?

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Winnie said...

From the Awl post where I first saw the new infomercial:

Whan that Auguste, with his percing sonne,
July's warme whither makes neerly donne
And every tanke-toppe be drenched in swette,
And odour no bodie spray can maks't forgette;
Sleeping Zephirus no wind provides
Tis best to sit and drinkke St. Ides
Or the ice of the Russian, Smirnof he be called
Than ronne the risk of a methlab scald,
The hour commes round where folk longen goes
To the Gathering of the Juggalos