Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Field Fashionista: Lookin’ appropriate

Looking professional usually gives the impression that one has authoritative knowledge in their line of work. One might question the abilities of a plumber who comes knocking on their door wearing high heels and an evening gown, but never the surgeon clad in scrubs holding the scalpel (although, once you’re under anesthesia, you don’t have much choice, do you?).

For my field work, I’m usually working on posh golf courses in the middle of the night, meandering about with a headlamp or trying my best to maneuver golf carts in complete darkness. Looking professional is important in case I encounter inquiring residents of the community (“What are you doing?!) or even better, the real authorities (“No, really, WHAT are you doing?!). Which is why I’m thrilled to share with you my new field bag that I just started using to carry around my recording equipment:

IMG_0001Complete with an elegant pastel star pattern on the edges and an entertaining zipper that will surely keep boredom at bay:IMG_0007







It’s actually more functional than a backpack. With a backpack, I was losing equipment in the dark (and even running over it) when I would try and pull something out of the bottom of the bag. This bag, however,  lays flat, like a briefcase, and allows ample access to my equipment:


So there you have it.  Lookin’ professional! WHAM! I’d like to see what the game warden/community resident/police officer has to say when I show them that classy item.  Alas, they’ll probably just want to see my permit.

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