Friday, September 30, 2011

Boy Style

Check your calenderz. Fall's here (maybe, in some parts of the country). Time to ditch the flip-flops. All the stores are throwing boots at us, but what about when you want to wear actual shoes and/or don't want to own boots? I have not loved the shoes out there the past few years, but this year has some bright spots. Obviously lots of trends out there for the ladies, but one that keeps appearing is what I like to call the Preppy Boy/Witch Style shoe aka Oxfords. Urban Outfitters has a good representation.

I'm kind of on the fence about these and need some guidance - are people going to actually wear them this year? I think they were starting to appear last year because they seem very Twilight-ish, but now even Jennifer Aniston is wearing them on a Star Tracks. (Someone needs to dissect this photo asap - holy 90's!)

I think the socks on display throws me off. It's kind of cute, but overall I'm not won over...yet Where would I wear them other than work (with tights) or to run errands? They also don't look like they would work with skinny jeans. Would I end up feeling like a witch?

One shoe I have considered buying is the heel loafer (my term). Real Simple did a menswear for women's story and featured this outfit.
I probably wouldn't have liked this style otherwise, but these shoes look great! Enlarged are some other options from Nine West and Marc Jacobs. These are not in my closet yet because I'm still on the hunt for the "perfect pair" - heel not too high, comfortable, maybe a tassel?

For occasions other than work and fall parties what are you wearing? I'm considering buying a pair of Vans this year. In high school they were the skater shoe of choice, but now I kind of dig the simple design and thicker sole look. Perfect for a weekend morning when you want to grab breakfast at Neal's only to remember that they stop serving bfast at 10:30am and usually run out of biscuits an hour before that. You need quick shoes for those instances.

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Winnie said...

Rob just bought a pair of those Vans in charcoal, and they look great with a kelly green hoodie and corduroys--perfect Saturday morning outfit for guys OR girls!