Monday, May 2, 2011

Ashley Olsen in the NeWz

My favorite part of clicking through star tracks on is the paparazzi shots of celebs in the street! Come on, you wanna know what they are wearing or what they look like when they are not being filmed or on the red carpet. That being said, I'm always the most pleasantly surprised when I can stumble upon a picture of one of the Olsen twins.

These two pics of Ashley were taken recently. Although "street" pics may fool you into thinking that these people aren't thinking about being photographed, this is simply not the case. I believe Mary Kate herself said that the reason she loves large, oversized sunglasses was because somedays she didn't wear make up and never knew when she was going to be photographed.

I'm a big fan of the above outfit. I would have to be feeling pretty spicy to wear so much of a color that loud, but yet Ashley doesn't overdo it by adding a graphic print and/or too much make up or overdone hair (another thing I love about her style). There's style in looking like you don't care, people! I wish I could rock the all over baggy look without feeling, well, like I was making myself look fat. Sorry, I know thats not P.C.

I'm not as in love with this second outfit, but I see more of Ashley's free spirit here, which is what I love. I'm not talking about the "peasant" skirt so much as I am the skirt paired with the sweater, paired with the kind of uncomfortable looking Chanel bag. Again I love the lack of make up and 'just got out of the shower' look. Both Ashley and Mary Kate ultimately dress for comfort when they feel like it. And hey, I respect that.

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