Monday, February 7, 2011

Dressing Your Age

Does this stress anybody but me out? Its something thats been on my mind a lot the past year. I do not want to be perceived as "dressing too young." And now that we are in our upper twenties, guh, I feel like I have to at least look like an adult.

I find myself occasionally admiring the way some "50 and older" women dress, and hoping I can look that good one day. I've even contemplated a blazer. WHAT?? yes. Note I didn't say pants-suit or pinstripes. I don't want to look like a square. And no, I won't be wearing pearls with that!

photos: j. crew


Susan said...

It's more depressing than stressful. I was at forever 21 the other day and half of their stuff is just too "trendy" & "young" for me to pull off. I get that it's mostly marketed younger but still! If a 12 year old girl in Uggs and I are looking at the same shirt it makes you think! I do like blazers and how they add more structure to an outfit than cardigans...but I don't want a whole store of business attire! I want a range of options - I guess J.Crew provides that but sometimes their outfits are a real snoozefest. Ditto GAP.

Winnie said...

over the past year I've caught myself picking up more and more "staples" at J. Crew and the Gap (and Banana Republic. all mall stores!) and telling myself to jazz it up with accessories.

which is scary because I would hate to look like this pearl necklace-wearer here (or any pearl necklace-wearer. is there a good way to wear pearls? that should be a separate post). OR look like I just went bonkers at Lightyears.

cLAmZ said...

no, i'm convinced there is no good way to wear pearls. also: i still regret "having" to wear those dumb pearls for high school grad photos...somebody forcing fashion on me?? AS IF i would ever let that happen today!!