Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look the Part (hair & make-up)

What does Giorgio Tsoukalos do?

If you guessed "Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the star and Consulting Producer of ANCIENT ALIENS - THE SERIES (2010) and publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, the only Ancient Astronaut publication in the world. Giorgio is the real-life Indiana Jones and he is changing the way the world thinks about the Ancient Astronaut Theory." then you're right!

What exactly is Ancient Astronaut Theory? The History Channel sheds light on the founder, Erich von Däniken:

"Born in Switzerland in 1935, Erich von Däniken is widely regarded as the father of ancient alien theory, also known as ancient astronaut theory. He published his first of 26 books in 1968 while working as the manager of a five-star hotel. In Chariots of the Gods?, Däniken put forth his controversial hypothesis that, thousands of years ago, space travelers from other planets visited Earth, where they taught humans about technology and influenced ancient religions. As evidence, he pointed to religious texts in which heavenly beings with supernatural powers descend from the sky. He also suggested that extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of engineering helped ancient civilizations build architectural marvels like Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Maoi statues of Easter Island." more

Fashion comment: Hair and make-up peeps, next time let's go for 'average scientist', not 'deuce bigalow understudy'; my man's credibility is already paper-thin. thanks. 


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i think ancient astronauts are a good idea!

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Wayne Skylar?

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I watched this guy / show on a plane this past weekend! Crazy